Fabricator of annular-type corrugated flexible stainless steel hoses, which provides a high flexible unit capable of handling high / low temperatures, and for chemically corrosive environments where traditional rubber and plastic hoses are unsuitable. Designed to absorb vibration, misalignment, noise, reduce piping stress, and also to accommodate reciprocating or flexible movements. Multi-Flex Inc. uses CRN certified stainless steel hoses.

Size range: from 1/4" to 30"

Temperature range: from -350 F to 1500 F

Materials available: stainless steel series 300, monel, bronze and PTFE (Teflon)

Attachments available: Fittings - NPT, JIC, BSP, DIN, etc...

                                                Flanges - ANSI, METRIC, BRITISH, etc...


Also available: Cryogenic, CGA, Chlorine transfer, Interlocked metal, Hydraulic,  Industrial, Composite, as well as fittings in brass & stainless steel.

Other services: Welding of all types.


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