Fabricator of metal-bellows type and none-metallic expansion joints. Bellows type solves pipe motion problems such as thermal growth, fatique, noise, and eliminates equipment loads. The main purpose of a expansion joint is to absorb the movements in any axial movements and small amounts of lateral movement.

Expansion Joints comply with: ASME / EJMA Standards.

Size range: from 2" to 144" diameters

Material available: Stainless Steel Series 300

                                Alloy 600, 625

                                Alloy 800, 800H/T, 825

                                Titanium, Nickel 200

                                Hastelloy B & C, C22, C276


                                PTFE (Teflon)



Also available:        Compensators

                                Controlled Flex High Pressure

                                Pipe Alignment Guides

                                Fabric Joints

                                Sphere Single & Double EPDM Molded

                                Hand-Built Molded type 0 to 4 arches


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