Molded spherical design provides a high pressure rating with the added benefits of non-clogging, long radius configuration and swivel (floating) zinc plated flanges that rotate easily on the bellows, which allows for simple bolt allignment.

Advantages are to absorb pipe / movement / stress, reduce system noise, isolates vibrations, eliminates electrolysis and protects against start-up / surge force.

Standard material is EPDM

Available in two design options: Single & double sphere

Size range: from 2" to 24"

Maximum working pressure: 214 PSI

Maximum temperature: 180 F


Also available:

Hand built arch molded joints with integrated flanges of same material. 0 to 4 arches in a variety of elastomers, as well as spool type pump connectors, concentric and eccentric reducers. Size range from 1" to 96".  


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